Turn Your Face is about reflecting on your life and finding meaning, renewing your energy, discovering why you listen (or why you don’t), talking well with others, creatively  solving problems, planning what you want and striving to get it, giving an honest day’s work and yet not letting work totally consume your life, being cheerful, and giving to others.

Many books tell you what to do but not how to do it. I’ll show how I-- and my clients--have used what I am recommending.

If you buy this book in an airport newsstand, it will either give you courage for the work  you are about to do or permission to turn off your cell phone and enjoy your vacation. If you buy this book here, in your neighborhood bookstore, or from your favorite online retailer, it will help you consider the next step on your journey towards what you want. 

Turn Your Face


How to Be Heard and Get What You Want Most of the Time

Chapter Titles

1.  Write What You Know
2.   Choose What Restores Your Energy
3.   Plan What You Want
4.   Listen When You Care
5.   Say What You Mean
6.   Work When You Need To
7.   Choose What You Think
8.   Dance When You Can